Quality of Negative Scanning

We scan old Negatives at Different Brightness/Color levels to give the best output. Sometimes Old Negatives give out a green or yellow images due to deterioration in quality. As a service to our customers, we scan very old drawings twice, altering scanner settings and provide both the outputs, while charging for only one set.

Deterioration over a period of time.

Fading and discoloration in this 35mm nitrate dupe negative has been promoted by the decay of the nitrate base, which has also partially decomposed the gelatin, making it soft and sticky.

Images on black and white film are typically formed by metallic silver in a gelatin binder, the moisture and pollutants contaminates the film and silver will corrode.

Earlier films were based on Cellulose Nitrate, Sulphuric Acid and Camphor. The CN base will over time decompose and release NOx. If the pollutants are not ventilated away, they will accelerate decay rapidly. A high storage temperature and relative humidity will speed up the deterioration further.

Cellulose Acetate (CA) was introduced next, but CA bases decompose releasing acetic acid- called vinegar syndrome. The same pollutants cause further decay and shrinkage of film base.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the difference between Imaging and Scanning?

    Imaging is the total process of making a meaning out of old Negatives/Photographs/Drawings by storing them as Electronic data. Scanning is just a process!

    To explain further, we were assigned the job of collating personal data of all the employees of a Group of Companies. The claim included Medical Bills/ Insurance Claims/ Car allowances etc. While scanning the data/image is numbered automatically, but while transferring to the corresponding employee folder, they are renamed in such a way that the Employee code is maintained in the beginning and corresponding sub division is maintained. For example, there may be two Medical claims in the same month and the second bill should not over write the first. The second bill will be stored as EmpName_Med_2.jpg or EmpName_Med_3.jpg and so on. Thus when there is a query from the employee, HR can refer to the respective claim and clear the doubts. This Imaging solution where Scanning is just a process!

  • 2. What Services do you provide?

    We offer total scanning solutions for Negatives, Photographs, A4 Documents, Wide-format Drawings up to A0 size (36” width, unlimited length), Newspapers for Archival and Bank Cheques. Apart from scanning we also extract meaningful information out of the scanned images.

  • 3. How long have you been in this Business?

    We have been offering Scanning services for over 28 years.

  • 4. Have you done Large Negative scanning Job?

    Yes, we have scanned over 600,000 negatives for Government Departments, Large Corporates and Newspaper companies, publishing houses.

  • 5. Why Should I scan my Negatives?

    Negatives are not just plastic film with chemical coatings, they are your memories, which cant be recreated. You get the same feeling when you see them any time in the future. Negatives cannot be watched as it requires special equipment. BY converting into Digital Files, you can watch them with Family & Friends on a TV or a PC. You also preserve them. You can share them with people instantly, actually you are sharing happiness.

    Once it is in Electronic format, you can easily organize them, preserve them and make multiple copies and share them also.

  • 6. Do Negatives deteriorate over a period of time?

    Yes. The pollution in atmosphere tends to damage the film coatings. The photographs also fade away over a period of time. You need to preserve your ‘Happy Moments’. The same applies to drawings and documents. Efforts have gone into making them, they cannot be thrown away.

  • 7. At what resolution do you scan?

    Negatives are scanned at 2400 dpi, you will be able to reprint them, if required, at a larger size. Photos are normally scanned in 300 dpi. Higher resolution scanning is possible.

  • 8. What do you do when you receive Negatives/Photographs?

    Each set of Negatives/Photographs is stored in a proper box and numbered. When they are taken out for scanning, each negative is wiped clean so that dust, finger prints any or oil stain is removed, without damaging the film. After scanning they are put back in the same box with customer Name/Code.

  • 9. What else can I do with Scanned Images?

    You can print them on Coffee Mugs or on T-shirts. You can print an important picture on to a Coffee Mug and present the same on an occasion. Gift Ideas to Help People Preserve memories.

  • 10. How do I place Order?

    You can fill the form giving your contact details, we arrange for a pick up. Alternatively, you can also pack the negatives or Photographs in a cardboard box and courier to us. After scanning, they are returned to you. Pickup and drop is free of cost. Please read the Packing Tips given below.

  • 11. Do you offer scanning of Photographs?

    Yes. We scan Photographs. Like Negatives, the Happy moments are available for sharing and your also preserve them forever.

  • 12. Do you scan Photo Albums or pictures in Photo frames?

    Yes, we can scan Photo Albums. Photo albums are generally very heavy and hence the normal pickup and drop facility will not be available. This has to be sent to us at your own cost and also bear the cost of return courier. Some Albums have only Photographs printed or inserted in pouches. A few have printed images on the background and a picture in the front. This will be scanned as it is. We cannot scan pictures in Photo frames.

  • 13. Can you scan Positive Slides?

    Yes we scan positive slides

  • 14. How long will it take to scan about 250 Negatives?

    Normally all Negatives will be scanned within 3-4 days, sometimes, it may take 7-10 days. It all depends upon the load factor on the day of receipt of Negatives/Photographs.

  • 15. How will you transfer scanned data? Can you provide data in a pen-drive?

    Scanned images will be uploaded and a link will be provided for you to download. If required, data can be written on a DVD and sent along with the Negatives. DVD writing charges are extra. Pen Drive cost will be extra.

  • 16. How long will you keep the data?

    Normally we retain the data for about 30 days, after which they will be erased. This is more as backup mechanism, just in case the customer loses data, the data can be forwarded.

  • 17. How safe is the data?

    We are in the business of scanning and we are not interested in the contents. All the Computer systems are well protected and the data does not leave our premises. We assume that the sender of the Negatives are the owners of the same and we are not responsible for any copyright violations.

  • 18. What if the quality is not satisfactory?

    Scanning is a process of faithful reproduction into electronic format. What is in original will be available as a JPG file. While scanning, we can control Contrast/Brightness or increase/decrease Red/Green/Blue Color and improve the Electronic image. For total editing/cleaning or restoration of the Image, the prices are separately given. If the quality is not satisfactory, we rescan the Negatives or refund the charges, deducting courier expenses. We are not liable for consequential loss, if any.

  • 19. Packing Tips.

    Please sort your Negatives function-wise or Date-wise and place them in an envelope and give a name for that group. Multiple envelopes can be put in a cardboard Box and sent to us. If you want a sequence to be maintained, please number the envelopes. Please don’t send Negatives and corresponding Prints. It is impossible to check and compare and you end up in paying for both.

    For slides, Pack about 10-12 of them and number them so that the sequence can be maintained. If possible number the slides and bundle them using a rubber band.

  • 20. How do we pay you?

    After scanning, we shall inform you the quantity and corresponding charges payable. You can transfer funds and on confirmation, we shall courier your negatives back. If you had incurred Courier charges, that amount will be deducted from the final Invoice. We do not have COD option.