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Benefits of Scanning

Old Negatives carry Happy & important moments of Life that can’t be thrown away! Unfortunately, they cannot be viewed as it is. Taking a print is expensive, which also fades away. Leaving Negatives as it is causes further decay & loss of Happy Moments. If you can’t View or Print or Discard, the only possible solution is to convert them into Digital Files. Once the picture is in Digital format, they can be edited, altered, modified, shared & stored forever.

  • 1. Re-Live the Happiness any time.

    Re-Live the Happiness any time. After all, every photo has a story to tell. A negative or Photo freezes the Moment, which cannot be recreated.

  • 2. Preserve Moments forever

    Preserve Moments forever. Negatives can be scratched and Photographs can fade away. Digital files can be preserved forever. Also multiple copies can be made easily. Negatives and Photographs fade whereas Digital file can be preserved for ever.

  • 3. View in a Group on a TV/PC, thus multiply fun.

    View in a Group on a TV/PC, multiplies fun. A Negative cannot be viewed without special equipment. A small Photo can be watched by one or two at a time. But as a Digital File, you can watch the same on a TV or a PC and enjoy with Family and friends, thus multiply fun.

  • 4. Share Happiness, Share Images.

    Happiness can be shared. Digital File size is only 2.5 MB & can be easily shared across the globe.

  • 5. Print on Coffee Mugs or T Shirts or Pillow covers

    Print on Coffee Mugs or T Shirts or Pillow covers. Just imagine the fun when you present the right picture for the right occasion.

  • 6. Add Fun, Create Cartoons.

    Add Fun, Create Cartoons. The Digital File can be processed further and fun elements can be added. A caricature can be created. Free Software are available for creating effects, limited only by your Imagination.

  • 7. Merge images and create effects, a collage.

    Merge images and create effects, a collage. You can merge two images in one frame, same person when young and now. You can create a collage of images. Sample Demo