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You can print your Images on to a Coffee Mug and Present them on occasions

About Us

We Offer Total Scan Solutions

We have converted over 6 Lakh Negatives/Positive Slides and Photographs into Digital files for Government departments, Large Institutions and Newspaper Companies.

We have been offering A0 Scanning services and over 5,00,000 Large Format Drawings have been archived.

We have scanned over 70 Lakh Documents for various customers. We have developed our own Software for our specific requirements.

Over 1 Lakh Cheques have been scanned and specific information required by the Customer was extracted from the scanned Images.

Once the Scanned Image is archived and catalogued, the user can search for a specific Information. Archiving of Drawings or Documents saves searching time, Preserves all the work done and also send it to multiple locations instantly.